My Story

Personal Side Of Dora

  • Was married for 30 years to my friend and soul mate.
  • Mother of one adult daughter and grandmother to a handsome grandson.
  • Born in Bancroft, Ontario and retired here after many years away.
  • I am one of 8 in my family - 5 boys and 3 girls. 7 are surviving at this time.
  • A member of the local Lions Club.
  • A member of 2 local Trails Committees.
  • Have travelled to England, Ireland, Europe, Bahamas and Alaska.
  • Enjoy doing craft hobbies.
  • I have 3 small dogs as companions, and also have a brother residing with us.

Professional Side Of Dora

  • Retired in 2008.
  • Worked for 36 years at a Financial Institution.
  • Employed currently as a Merchandizing Consultant Representative (part time).
  • A Director and President of an Indigenous Not for Profit Organization.
  • A Director and Vice-Chair for another Not for Profit Organization.

Passionate Side Of Dora

  • I am passionate about my family.
  • I am passionate about being a member of the local Lions Club and local Trails Committees.
  • I am passionate to be a part of 2 Not for Profit Organizations.
  • I am passionate about where I live and of all of my surroundings and for all the living beings that I share my life with.
  • I am passionate about making my clients wedding day an everlasting memorable date.